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New Low Flow hose nozzle reducing water use

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Tecpro Australia has introduced a new heavy duty hose nozzle that helps balance industry hygiene standards with water efficiency without compromising the comfort of the operator.

Tecpro’s new hose nozzle is a cost-effective Low Flow version of the hugely popular heavy duty hose nozzle, featuring the same tough and robust construction as well as high impact cohesive water jet while maintaining a lower flow rate to suit applications on ½” washdown hoses. The standard hose nozzle is designed to be used on ¾” and 1” washdown hoses. By reducing weight, the smaller hose lowers the strain on the cleaning teams as they move around during washdowns.

Key features of Tecpro’s Low Flow hose nozzles include simple, twist head for greater user comfort over the usual trigger guns; adjustable spray pattern to handle a maximum water pressure of 16 Bar (232psi); tough rubber cover and high temperature components capable of withstanding temperatures up to 80°C; and replaceable EPDM rubber cover and Teflon seals extending nozzle life since wearable parts can be replaced.

The heavy duty, Low Flow hose nozzle is offered with red and blue covers to allow instant distinction between hot and cold water hoses. An all-white nozzle cover is also available for industries such as dairy and pharmaceuticals.

Tecpro is a leading supplier of washdown guns and hose nozzles in Australia and New Zealand. The company also offers washdown guns that can undergo high temperature sterilisation.

To see the range of washdown products, or for guidance on choosing the best washdown gun or nozzle for your application, visit the website www.tecpro.com.au or speak to the Tecpro team on 02 9634 3370.

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