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Pad Printing Inks from Techspan Group

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The Pad Printing Inks from Techspan Group are widely used by many major pad printing companies worldwide.

The areas of application of these inks are so extensive that dozens of pad printed articles are encountered every day in the form of commercial items, such as lighters, ball pens and toys, as well as housings, switches, keys, knobs and buttons in the automotive and electronics industries.

Available in a range of standard colours plus pre-mixed golds and silvers, the Techspan Pad Printing Inks are also offered in a range of formulations for virtually all possible substrates, including metals, thermoplastics, thermosets, glass, chromed parts, glass, varnished surfaces, and so on.
These Pad Printing Inks provide ease-of-use, excellent transfer characteristics, and excellent durability. They are non toxic and contain no heavy metals as they conform to DIN EN 71, pt 3.

The Techspan Group also provides  a colour matching service available to those customers that required printing any given PMS colour. Inks can be supplied in either 200g, 500g or 1000g capacities.

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