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How to ensure your Workplace Safety Inspections can Identify Issues

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What’s worse than finding a safety issue at your workplace that could have potentially injured someone? Not finding the issue. Every workplace is different; organisations that have several locations will even sometimes have separate OH&S procedures and safety inspection documentation for each location. What’s important is that your working environment has the best safety inspection system in place possible. Too often organisations and firms are relying on free mobile applications or simple paper check sheets that get put in that drawer somewhere – both of which are unreliable and inefficient systems. Industry leaders and companies aiming to do everything they do better are choosing to move to paperless premium inspection solutions. Accident and incident reports become an insightful piece of information for management instead of a dreaded document to fill out. Going digital has not only transformed safety inspection processes for many industries, but also allowed them to integrate other audit or quality assurance within the same solution. Leading paperless solutions are even allowing companies to mesh the inspection programme with business intelligence (BI) and/or existing ERP systems.

Industry leaders across several fields are taking advantage of the wave of new consumer technology now becoming common in the workplace. Paperless inspection solutions now consist of an application on a mobile device, exactly like the one that employees will walk into and out of work using. The workforce is already educated in the new technology, meaning the new application on the mobile device can be instantly implemented. Inspectors and field service personnel can make use of a regular smartphone or tablet set up for the business and use all the familiar features available. The camera can be used to take pictures, with further annotation commonly possible on premium inspection solutions. Also mainstays on the top inspection applications are features such as image annotation, offline reporting, standardised response checklists, automatically suggested corrective actions, speech-to-text and dictation, GPS timestamps and barcode/RFID scanning. Safety inspectors can truly benefit from numerous features and functionalities of a mobile device if paired with the right solution. Many paperless inspection applications include existing libraries of audit and industry regulation checklists such as ISO 45001 or ISO 9001; basic construction site safety checklist samples or pre start safety templates. For a user of digital inspection applications, the versatility and adaptability of the application can dramatically increase productivity and heighten efficiency.

Perhaps the top benefit of premium digital inspection solutions is their integration with existing business intelligence (BI) and other corporate systems such as Asset Management, HR and CMMS. With free or freemium solutions, companies and organisations often lack the control of their own database structure and are blind to potential data misuse from the application companies. This is why many industries are finding that it pays to go premium for inspection reporting. Premium inspection solutions often allow in-house and/or cloud (SaaS) hosting, automatic trigger notifications to 3rd parties or different organisation teams such as maintenance, management or other inspectors. Some inspection applications also have the possibility to have deficiency life cycle monitoring built into the inspection system. What all this means is that companies, organisations and businesses operating in any industry can have the opportunity to increase safety, workplace inspection reporting efficiency and the overall productivity of its operations. As clear insightful data is being fed right back to all stakeholders when necessary; as reference material or as warnings and alerts, the issues can be identified and acted upon very quickly. With information also being sent to management and maintenance, problems can similarly be resolved faster.

If you want your workplace has a good safety inspection system in place, you should consider paperless inspection solutions. If you want to ensure issues are identified as fast as possible and problems are fixed as soon as possible, research for premium digital inspection solutions. 

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