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How Pervidi paperless safety inspection solutions benefit businesses

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article image Digital safety inspections increase overall efficiency in the field as inspectors are able to cover more ground
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A critical part of any business or industrial operation, safety inspections aim to minimise and even eliminate safety hazards to protect both life and property at the workplace. Safety hazards present a multitude of problems to the workflow, workforce and equipment. Detailed safety inspections and regular maintenance are required to keep the workplace safe and compliant but can be a cumbersome process as it requires paperwork that goes through the process of data gathering/compilation, encoding, analysis and reporting.

The downside of this tedious process is that by the time a call to action is made, business operations are already compromised by safety issues. This is where a paperless safety inspection solution such as Pervidi has an important role to play by bridging the time gap between inspection, corrective actions and reporting. Making paperless safety inspections the standard across industries where regular inspection and maintenance are necessary will go a long way in reducing the impact of hazardous environments.

Pervidi paperless safety solution is now available to accommodate different inspection parameters and safety concerns, with real time data and visuals using smartphones or any other mobile devices.

Key benefits of Pervidi paperless/digital safety inspections:

Absolute Mobility

Digital safety inspections increase overall mobility and efficiency in the field as inspectors are able to cover more ground and project sites with minimal time taken to fill out digital forms, and obtain necessary verification using the mobile device’s camera or speech-to-text capabilities. Since these digital forms are available on smartphones, tablets and phablets, safety inspectors can easily access, share and send out information anywhere and anytime.

Real Time Reporting

One important benefit of electronic inspections is that reporting happens in real time. Assessments and evaluations via Pervidi paperless solutions send out the data to management in real-time, cutting down time on data gathering/compilation, encoding, sorting, analysis and reporting through channels. The entire process being digital, it is easier to access previous data/reports for comparative purposes, corrective actions, trends or further verification. Pervidi paperless safety inspection eliminates the need to go through channels by opening up the route of communication wherein all concerned management staff have access to the information in a timely manner or as it is happening.

Complete Flexibility

Digital safety inspection solutions are easily customisable to the needs of the organisation. A single solution can be tailored to the unique needs and different business practices of diverse industries from construction management, mining, transportation, oil and gas, and manufacturing to utilities, property management, food and agriculture among many more.

A digital inspection creates a proactive environment for safety concerns and compliance issues to be addressed as it becomes more engaging to management and helps speed up the decision-making process. Real time activities need real time solutions; Pervidi paperless safety inspection solution provides the technology to achieve this and make it available to everyone.

Pervidi paperless safety inspection solutions are available from Techs4Biz Australia .

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