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How mobile technology is benefitting paperless facility inspections

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Inspections and maintenance tasks involve enormous paperwork resulting from data gathering and compilation, encoding, analysis, corrective actions and reporting. The downside of such an elaborate process is that by the time a call to action is made, business operations are already compromised by deficiency issues.

However, advances in digitalisation and mobile technology have led to paperless facilities inspections becoming the standard across industry where regular inspection and maintenance are necessary. The gaps that existed between inspections, preventative maintenance, corrective actions and reporting have been bridged thanks to digital inspections and mobile technology.

Mobile solutions and apps are now available to accommodate different inspection parameters across diverse industrial environments, with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets capturing real time data and imagery.

Benefits of paperless/ digital facilities inspections and mobile technology:


Digital facilities inspections allow inspectors and technicians to cover more ground and project sites as it takes less time to fill out digital forms as well as make the required visual verification through photographs. Since these forms can be accessed on smartphones/ tablets, the user can simply enter the details, and share or send out the information in a seamless way.

Real time reporting

Since reporting happens in real time, digital inspections supported by mobile technology eliminate traditional barriers in seamless communication, allowing all stakeholders to have quicker access to information. Following a digital inspection of the facility, mobile applications send the collected data to management in real time, cutting down time on data gathering/ compilation, encoding, analysis and reporting through channels. Mobile technology also allows inspectors easier access to historical data/ past reports for further verification.

Digital inspection creates a proactive environment for facilities maintenance and compliance with existing standards.

Pervidi paperless inspection software is available in Australia from Techs4Biz Australia .

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