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TechRentals offers solution to manufacturer to sort defective bags

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Leading test and measurement equipment rental specialist, TechRentals found a solution for a manufacturer who needed to sort defective bags from a big batch of 30,000 bags.

This manufacturer had 30,000 bags of product, with the bags featuring a paper outer and a plastic liner. But some of the bags did not include the plastic liner, which meant the material inside those bags could become contaminated.

The manufacturer needed to quickly separate the bags, correctly identifying those lined with plastic from those without the plastic liner.

TechRentals tried solutions from their vast range of measuring instruments, persevering till they found an instrument that could effectively and accurately sort out the defective bags from the lot.

Some of the methods employed to get to the final solution included checking for magnetic properties in the plastic, measuring change in resistance of the bags due to the presence of lining, using a moisture meter to check moisture readings and looking for variation in bag weight due to the presence of the liner.

TechRentals also checked for variation of heat dissipation visible using a thermal camera when the bags were heated. Other methods included using an ultrasonic thickness gauge to look for the plastic layer, employing a dust monitor to determine dust particles drawn through the paper layer vis-à-vis the paper and plastic layers, as well as using an ultrafine particle monitor to draw air through the bags.

Finally, TechRentals inserted a 6mm endoscope along the glued seam of the bags to check the presence of the plastic where the ends were glued together, and was able to detect the plastic layer successfully.

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