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Rent the Dillon ED200 500kg crane scales from TechRentals

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article image Dillon ED200 500kg crane scales are available from hire from TR

Available in TR 's extensive test and measurment rental fleet, the Dillon ED2000 5000kg crane scale is engineered for a long and accurate life thanks to its stainless steel or aluminium alloy construction.

Thanks to the inherent strength of these construction materials, not only are these crane scales resistant to corrosion, fatigue and performance deterioration, but they are also compact and lightweight.

Customers can select either an indicating unit with 0.9-inch LCD screen, or a non-indicating unit - both of which are compatible with optional remote displays. From the face of an indicating unit, or from one of the optional remote displays, operators can select the peak hold function, units of measurement, filtering levels, RS-232 or RS-485 ouptus, the method of transmission, and the baud rate.

The available units of measurement for these crane scales include pounds, kilograms, kiloNewtons, and metric tons. The unit will automatically convert between these units of measurement and will save the selected unit when the power is switched off.

Each ED2000 crane scale provides automatic data storage of the last calibration date, traceability, serial numbers and overload data, which can be crucial when it comes to inspections and internal audits.

Other key features of Dillon ED2000 crane scales include:

  • rounded ends, recessed access panels, and no external switches to bump and damage
  • battery powered with easy to source and replace standard 9V battery
  • sleep mode to optimise battery life.

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