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New version Fluke Etherscope from TechRentals

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Fluke Etherscope series II available from TechRentals is an easy to use tool for access level network fault detection.

Uses of Etherscope:

Etherscopes are designed for IT staff dealing with network access layer problems including:

  • Troubleshooting in a switched environment
  • Documenting what is on your network
  • Identifying who is using the most bandwidth
  • Expose duplicate IPs
  • Measuring actual performance of a live network
  • Verifying Ethernet signalling and PoE
  • Increasing security
  • Finding rogue 802.11a/b/g devices

Why use the Etherscope series II version 3?

Many network detection tools are complex and often need to be used by highly trained staff.

The new Fluke Etherscope Series II is different, aimed specifically at IT staff on the access level.

The EtherScope portable network tester provides vision into gigabit wired and fibre optic LANs and a/b/g wireless LANs to help them accomplish those tasks more quickly.

A compact, portable network analyzer, the series II combines essential tools to help first responders quickly identify what and where the problem is so they can fix it faster.

Advantages of the Etherscope series II:

  • Verify network speed using the ITO or RFC 2544 tests which quickly verify the throughput of a link, frame loss and latency
  • Fast problem solving on 10/100/1000 copper
  • Fibre or wireless Ethernet networks even in switched environments
  • Report generation
  • Top talker identification
  • Duplicate IPs


  • Light and compact
  • Provides an instant view on the state of the network with its information rich Autotest results, main screen and tri-colour LEDs
  • Allows multiple tests to be run concurrently
  • Drill down capability for faster fault finding
  • Delivers 66% times savings over a collection of single-purpose solutions
  • Easy to use touch screen highlights problems and errors, issues that require continuous monitoring and checks that have already been performed

Suitable for:

Network professionals who are responsible for installation, verification, troubleshooting and maintenance including:

  • IT technicians
  • Engineers
  • Administrators
  • Analysts

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