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Megger MDP3 distribution profilers available from TechRentals

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TechRentals has a wide range of Megger MDP3 distribution profilers.

Why would you use a distribution profiler?

Power companies use distribution profilers to evaluate the risk attributed of increased loads on power lines, caused by adding new equipment or processes. If detected, insufficient capacity may require lines to be replaced or upgraded.

Quickly and easily installed on to any point on the distribution line, distribution profilers can be easily deployed in the field and is suitable for activities from simple surveys of the distribution line, to conducting complete circuit analysis including conductor sizing and capacity

Megger SK MDP3:

The light weight of the Megger SK-MDP3 profiler allows for quick and easy installation on live lines. Megger SK MDP3 provides highly accurate and extensive information, enabling precise evaluation of the loading on overhead lines.

The Megger profiler performs effectively when in direct exposure to all weather conditions, making it an ideal field tool.

Specifically the moulded unit offers high protection against water ingress; a major issue encountered by power utilities using other brand line recording devices.


  • Virtually unlimited data recording
  • Wide range of data recording options
  • Frequency range 40Hz to 2Hz
  • Accurate data capture via advanced MDP software
  • Lightweight, durable unit housed in a weather resistant urethane case
  • Sturdy battery compartment with easy plug-in access for quick data retrieval


  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Conducting circuit analysis
  • Checking conductor sizing and capacity

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