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Agilent, HP 6104A Oscilloscope available from TR

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TR offers the Agilent HP 6104A Oscilloscope, which is a unique problem solving tool, used for mixed analogue and digital design challenges. It can help users to see more signal activity in designs, if used with the analogue and digital circuitry.

It has Mega Zoom 3 deep memory, which captures long non-repeating signals and maintains high sample rates. This allows users to quickly zoom in to interest areas. The 8mpts memory helps to capture fast signal problems at even longer acquisition time.

Agilent, HP 6104A Oscilloscope has the following features:

  • 1GHz
  • 4Gsa/s
  • 4 +16 channel mixed signal oscilloscope (MGO)
  • XGA colour display updates 100,000 waveforms, with 256 level intensity
  • 4 analogue channels and 16 logic channels
  • Deep memory 8 digit frequencies counter function
  • Includes video, HDTV, 12C, SPI, LIN, CAN, FTT analysis and USB
  • Has LAN, USB, GPIB and XGA interfaces standard

The HP 6104A also has flexible triggering, which allows users to easily isolate and analyse the complex signals and fault conditions common in mixed analogue and digital designs.

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