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Access Reliable Two Way Radio Communication Systems from TR Hirecom

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TR Hirecom, is Australia's largest two-way radio communications rental company. TR Hirecom have been hiring two way radios and systems including IS/FM/ATEX rated radios for the Security, Events, Construction, Manufacturing, and Petrochemical industries, for the past 15 years.

Rent fully supported two-way radio systems to suit specific needs as you require them

  • 24/7 radio support 
  • 24 hour replacement for faulty radios 
  • Ongoing service and maintenance 
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Battery maintenance and replacement program 
  • No need for 'Licensed Frequencies' 
  • Multiple talk groups 
  • No large down payment 

Extensive two way radio rental fleet provides you with a range of solutions

  • Analogue portable and mobile two-way radio hire 
  • Motorola MotoTRBO digital portable and mobile two way radio hire 
  • Trunked and digital radio system rentals
  • Complete radio systems 
  • Consulting and planning 
  • Intrinsically safe FM radios also available 

Specialised on-site radio communications management

TR Hirecom have specialised management services and experts on hand to manage two-way radio systems for businesses, allowing valuable time to be focussed on core business productivity.

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