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Technical and Scientific Equipment supply and support a range of instruments for Algae Monitoring and Toxicity Monitoring. These highly sensitive systems can monitor water supplies in real time, giving early warning of potential hazards either for online applications and in situ measurements. 
Water monitoring equipment for testing of toxicity and algae levels
  • Online monitoring or in situ measurement of water supplies
  • Differentiation of up to 5 algae classes simultaneously
  • Able to detect green algae, blue green algae, diatoms and chryptophytae
  • Turbidity correction
  • Algae activity measurement
  • Ability to detect unspecified toxins at very low levels network
  • Automated alarm outputs/analogue outputs/serial outputs
  • Advanced dynamic algorithms for alarm detection, minimising false alarms
Algae monitoring systems and measuring instruments
Algae Monitoring is made possible using fluoro meters with algae class differentiation, measuring the total chlorophyll, and the proportions due to green or blue green algae, diatoms, and cryptophytae simultaneously. 

They also measure yellow substances in the water, and compensate for these, which improves the accuracy. Instruments are available for the Lab, online for continuous algae measurements, and for in situ algae measurements, directly in the water.

The results of all the fluoro meters are highly accurate, and comparable to wet chemical and HPLC methods.

Toxicity monitoring equipment
Toxicity Monitoring is made possible using the highly developed toximeters. With the aid of different organisms, water fleas, algae or fish, the instruments can detect unidentified toxins in real time. This allows general monitoring for toxicity in water supplies. 

Here, model organisms act as reliable indicators for harmful agents, such as toxins, without needing to know exactly the chemical nature as is required for specific analytical methods.   The toximeters look for the early signs of stress in the organisms, well before the toxin reaches levels which might cause significant harm to them (or the water consumer).

Testing tools
Toxicity tests are mainly based on the survival of organisms in the presence of test material. Static tests permanently expose the organisms to a series of dilutions over 24 or 48 hours. Dynamic tests, in contrast, shorten the test procedure and allow continuous monitoring. The registration of complex behaviour further reduces the response time for alarm evaluation.

Water testing equipment
The difficulty with most of the current biological systems is the restrictions imposed on testing toxins on animals. For fish based toximeters, the restrictions prevent the ability to study the behaviour of fish in the presence of various toxins.

bbe moldaenke have solved this problem by developing the Daphnia (Water Flea) Toximeter. There are no restrictions for testing on these organisms, therefore there have been many studies done and much data available on the types of toxins that can effectively be detected.
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