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article image Single chip MLS driver.

EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has introduced the S1D15712, a single chip MLS driver for dot matrix liquid crystal displays in automotive applications such as low cost car navigation systems, car radios and dashboard systems.

The S1D15712 supports binary and 4 grey scales displays. Using the MLS (multi line selection) technology it allows a maximum duty cycle of 1/81 and incorporates a display data RAM of 81x256x2 bits.

The S1D15712 features an internal oscillator circuit for display clock - additional external operation clocks are not needed to perform display data read/write operation, thereby ensuring operation with the minimum current consumption.

The S1D15712 inherits an internal temperature sensor without need for use of supplementary parts. This provides an exceptional LCD contrast throughout the whole temperature range.

A command to discharge external capacitors guarantees a clear optical turn off. In addition, this driver IC inherits the capabilities of a master slave operation.

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