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GISKB Crane System from TC Hasemer

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GISKB Crane System from TC Hasemer is cost-effective, modular, and flexible. It offers real user benefits.

The GISKB Crane System can be customised to fit your warehouse’s size and requirements. Switches, turntables and bends can all be accommodated and the system is notable for its reliability, robustness and ease of maintenance.  

It offers a flexible lifting solution which can grow and change as a business does. Conversion or extension of the existing crane system is always an option. The system is simple to install. All crane components can be fixed by fasteners and clamps and, thanks to its series-produced standard parts and rolled profiles, it is relatively inexpensive and cost-effective.  

The GISKB Crane System features a lightweight modular construction supporting up to 1250 kg. And, because of its plastic guide rollers, the system operates at a low noise level. For those wishing to integrate the GISKB Crane System into an existing materials handling set-up, it perfectly complements the GIS Electric Chain Hoist.

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