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Productivity Solutions for Lifting, Moving and Materials Handling
TC Hasemer offer a range of materials handling equipment, lifting and moving solutions to increase productivity, whilst improving safety for employees. The range of electric tow tugs and spring balancers, available from TC Hasemer, help reduce employee fatigue and workplace injuries.

The range of materials handling equipment include:
  • Electric Towing Units
  • Spring Balancers
  • Electric Chain Hoists
  • KB Crane Systems
  • Overhead Traveling Cranes
  • Overhead Gantry Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Vacuum Lifting Equipment
  • Portable Gantry Cranes

Features and Benefits of Materials Handling Equipment
Tobi Electric Tugs

  • Low cost, safe and easy to operate
  • This towing unit reduces risk of workplace injury, whilst increasing productivity
  • Developed and made in Australia
  • Tobi electric tow tugs allows one operator to move up to 750 kg with ease
  • These tow tugs are the most cost-effective way to:
    • Mmove heavy loads in confined areas
    • Move equipment up and down lifts
    • Move equipment over carpeted areas
  • Minimal maintenace
  • Fail Safe Operation
  • Free Wheeling Hubs allow the operator to disengage the drive mechanism and move Tobi into or out of freewheel mode
  • Tobi Dolli and the "3-in-1" Tobi's Mate motorised trolley systems can easily be converted to hold cartons or crates
  • Unique Towbar Connector allows the operator to attach movable trolleys in a quick, single-handed action

Spring Balancers

  • Spring balancers are the perfect tool for reducing employee fatigue, whilst increasing productivity and safety
  • These spring balancers can be used to support:
    • Welding guns
    • Spray guns
    • Hand tools
    • Crane pendant controllers
  • When properly installed, the spring balancers become almost weightless for the operator, making it easier and safer to use
  • The spring balancers are able to support weights of up to 180kg, with stroke lengths up to 2.5m

For more information on electric tow tugs, spring balancers, cranes and other lifting equipment, contact TC Hasemer or visit their website.

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