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Cranes for Materials Handling Applications
TC Hasemer offer a range of custom solution cranes to suit various materials handling and industrial applications. Each crane is individually tailored to meet different requirements, ensuring the optimal lifting solution for everyday operations.

Features and Benefits of Lifting Cranes
Slewing Cranes
  • Cost Effective
  • Robust
  • Reliable

Top Running Cranes

  • Conventional
  • The economically attractive solution for loads
  • For the best use of room heights
  • Especially appropriate for larger spans
  • Power supply and control, according to customer specifications

Underslung Running Cranes

  • With direct, distanced or rigid suspension
  • Power supply and control according to customer specifications


  • Power, Speed and Silent Running all in one
  • Components designed in galvanized steel
  • Use is guaranteed for longitudinal and transverse movements
  • Load partition is ensured by 2 trolleys 
  • On the saddle of the double crane bridge: 4 trolleys in use

Crane Components and Accessories
TC Hasemer provide a range of parts, accessories and other services for crane equipment. Features include:

  • Short, pendulating, adjustable 
    • Ball pins and nuts are screwed together directly
    • Pendulation movements max. 10°
    • Height adjustable by ± 7.5 mm
  • Distanced, pendulating, adjustable
    • Distanced suspension, variable length 
    • Height differences of ± 15 mm can be adjusted out
  • Distanced, pendulating, adjustable, braced
    • Distance 0.5 m: bracing is mandatory
    • Longitudinal bracing: both ends of track
    • Transverse bracing: on one side, every 2nd suspension
  • Lateral suspension
    • Lateral installation on wood or concrete beam
  • Bends and Switches
    • Can be supplied with angles of 30° and 45° 
    • Radius: 1 m 
    • End plate at both ends
    • Suspension at 2 points
    • Conductor line bends can be obtained wit
    • Same angles as profile bends
    • Slide switches/turntables
    • Profiles are moved manually or electrically
    • Manual: with traction cable 
    • Electrical: with 2-button control switch 
    • Option: supplied with conductor lines

For more information on cranes, crane accessories, other lifting equipment and materials handling solutions, contact TC Hasemer or visit the website.

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