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Tasman Machinery to showcase latest additive manufacturing technologies at Austech 2013

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article image Parts produced with Objet’s pioneering line of 3D printers

Tasman Machinery  will demonstrate some of its latest additive manufacturing technologies at the upcoming Austech exhibition in Melbourne in May.
Tasman Machinery will use the platform provided by the Austech trade show to showcase the scope of 3D printing technologies. The company will be displaying a full suite of additive manufacturing technologies including FDM from Stratasys and Polyjet technologies from Objet.
Tasman will have a Stratasys Fortus 400mc 3D Production System onsite, which uses FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology, combining tough, production-grade thermoplastic materials with new hardware and software. The system turns CAD files into accurate, stable and durable prototypes, workholding tools or end-use parts.
Managing Director Dermid McKinley explains that the use of additive manufacturing technology to produce jigs and fixtures or end-user parts has reduced labour intensity and removed high tooling costs for many of their customers in Australia and NZ. Additive manufacturing is now seeing increased use as a method of direct digital manufacturing (DDM).
Also powered by Stratasys’ proven FDM technology, Tasman Machinery will showcase the affordable uPrint SE 3D printer, which allows users to print professional-grade 3D models right at their desk. These 3D printers build accurate, functional concept models, rapid prototypes and product mockups in ivory ABSplus thermoplastic straight from a CAD file.
Mr McKinley points out that the uPrint SE printer makes 3D printing more accessible for designers, allowing them to innovate faster by 3D printing an object early in the design phase, resulting in better products, designed faster.
Following its recent merger with Objet-Stratasys, Tasman Machinery has expanded its product line of 3D printers with Objet systems. While the Stratasys FDM technology is designed for functional prototypes and production parts, the inkjet-based Polyjet technology from Objet is ideal for prototyping parts with high feature detail and fine surface finish.
Visitors to the stand will be able to experience the Objet 260 Connex, an attractively priced, compact edition of Objet’s pioneering line of multi-material 3D printers. The Connex 260 enables designers and engineers to rapidly build prototypes that match their intended end-product. Offering a choice of over 100 different build materials, the machine can simultaneously build 14 different materials into a single model part.
For office environments and tighter budgets, Tasman Machinery offers the Objet24 and Objet30 desktop printers, which provide low-cost 3D printing without compromise on model detail or functional versatility.

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