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Targus Australia offer range of adaptors and inverters to keep professionals powered while travelling

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As work becomes increasingly mobile, the technology used should be able to move along. Targus Australia offer a dedicated range of adaptors and inverters designed to provide professionals with unrivalled connectivity on the go.

The Targus Australia 75W AC notebook power adaptor serves as a quick and easy replacement for an old adaptor or as a second power supply for the home or office. This lightweight adaptor is compatible with 15V to 16V notebooks and is built to the manufacturers' standards. A 90W AC notebook power adaptor is also available, which offers users broad compatibility with 19V to 20V notebooks.

With ten interchangeable tips, Targus Australia universal wall adaptor offers unrivalled compatibility with over 90% of laptops on the market, including all brands and the latest models from HP, Dell, Toshiba and Sony. The adaptor automatically adjusts to meet the specific power requirements of laptop computers and can deliver an output between 15V and 24V. The built-in over-current and short circuit protection also prevents computer damage. With generous 1.8m input and output cords, the small and lightweight adaptor is suitable for those on the go. Targus Australia also offer a universal wall/auto/air power adaptor, which features a DC power cord for charging in cars and airplanes, along with a standard AC power cord for wall outlets.

The 150W auto/air power inverter in a slimline style from Targus Australia provides mobile professionals with a power source for most electrical devices in cars, boats or airplanes. The inverter plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and can charge up to three devices at one time including notebooks, mobile phones, PDAs and video consoles. By delivering 150W of continuous power and up to 200W of peak power, the inverter is safe to use and features over-current, over-temperature and surge protection. Targus Australia also offer a 100W auto power inverter in a cupholder style, which is designed to fit into standard car cupholders for a convenient and compact way of staying powered on the road. The 100W Auto Power Inverter cupholder style requires an optional accessory to charge the third device.

Targus Australia offer extended customer service hours for the power accessories range and their service team can assist with such enquiries as adaptor compatibility and stockists.

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