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Crane contractor MAX Crane and Equipment expands its Tadano fleet

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article image One of the four Tadano GT-600EX truck cranes

A leading South Australian crane contractor bought four Tadano truck cranes to meet their workload commitments in the Cooper Basin for their oil and gas customers.

Based in Port Augusta, SA, MAX Crane and Equipment Hire has a large and growing fleet of hire cranes, servicing the mining, gas and construction industries, as well as the wind farm industry and the railways. The company executes contracts in remote towns and desert regions to cater to their clients’ diverse lifting needs.

Operating a 40-strong fleet of specialist cranes, MAX Cranes has also relied on all-terrain cranes for the bulk of their day-to-day lifting jobs.

Following the purchase of their first two Tadano GT-600EX truck cranes, MAX Cranes was so impressed with their performance that they decided to invest in an additional two cranes, bringing the total number of Tadano GT-600EX models in the fleet to four, all bought in a span of just six months.

Michael Kuhn, Heavy Lift Manager at MAX Cranes explained that they purchased the four Tadano GT-600EX truck mounted cranes to meet their lifting commitments in the Cooper Basin.

Located right in the heart of the Australian outback, the Cooper Basin gas and oil fields are 660km north east of Port Augusta. In their initial Tadano purchase, MAX Cranes ordered two Tadano GT-600EX trucks cranes and one ATF 130G-5 all-terrain crane.

According to Kuhn, they were impressed with features such as the lifting chart and hydraulic suspension on all axles; however, the machines have proven to be very robust with their capability to go off-road and into the desert.

Key features of the Tadano GT-600EX truck cranes include Japanese build; impressive lifting chart with lifting capacity of 60 metric tonnes at a 3m radius; fully hydraulic, round box construction type boom and bi-fold fly jib, with boom reaching 43m when fully extended and fly jib length of 8.8m to 15.2m; crane superstructure mounted on a Tadano chassis to improve travelling and lifting performance; and designed to meet the Australian Bridge Formula while carrying all its counterweight, fly jib, 2nd winch and hooks, eliminating the need to send a second support vehicle carrying support equipment to the lift job.

While the Tadano GT-600EX is regarded as a truck crane, the hydraulic suspension with independent axles gives the crane the same attributes as an all-terrain crane. Big savings can be achieved with the GT-600EX as it is a more economical purchase and easier to maintain.

One of the big benefits of the Tadano GT-600EX over the all-terrain cranes is their road speed - the Tadano truck crane can run at 100km/h on the bitumen, a full 20 km/h faster than all-terrain cranes. The higher road speed is an important benefit for MAX Cranes given some of the big distances to be covered through this region.

The Workshop Manager at MAX Cranes, Brett Woolford is delighted with the backup and support that Tadano Oceania has been providing with the new GT-600EX cranes. The cranes were shipped from Japan to Adelaide and pre-delivered by Tadano’s agent in Adelaide before being brought to Port Augusta. He appreciated the smooth training and verification process as well as the prompt communication and factory support.

Available in Australia from Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd , the Tadano crane range includes all terrain cranes, truck cranes, rough terrain cranes and Tadano Mantis telescopic boom hydraulic crawler cranes.

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