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Syspro progressive scrap functionality furthers lean practices

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Syspro Software , a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software says, that since launching the company's Progressive Scrap functionality a year ago, it is already enabling companies to further leverage ‘lean manufacturing’ practices through the better management of materials in their manufacturing operations.

Work-in-progress is often scrapped during an operation, and the amount of scrap is usually known for each parent part for each process. In some environments it is easier to record and track scrap at parent part level than to try and account for it for each individual component.

Syspro Progressive Scrap provides better controls at each stage of operation by allowing the capture of a Scrap percentage and/or of a Scrap quantity against each operation.

The required "quantity to make" for the job can then be adjusted accordingly; Syspro will show the calculated "gross to make" ensuring that the "net to make" matches the original quantity required. The gross amount that is calculated based on progressive scrap is used to calculate allocations.

For example, if a gross quantity of 200 is entered against a job that has two operations and the first operation has a scrap percentage of 50%, the resultant net quantity going into the second operation will be 100.

The material allocations linked to this operation would then be issued accordingly, allowing for the 50% scrap of parent part in the previous operation. Assuming that in this example the second operation had no scrap factor, the net quantity against the job would be 100.

If the user actually wanted to produce 200 pieces, they could choose to enter a net quantity of 200, and the system would calculate that a gross quantity of 400 was required. Because progressive scrap is applied at individual operation levels it makes component planning more accurate.

According to Syspro Asia Pacific, General Manager, Shaun Butler, "Syspro Progressive Scrap is exemplary of Syspro's dedication to the Lean initiative. Syspro R&D is continually looking for ways to enhance overall manufacturing efficiency to enable manufacturers to successfully compete with foreign and domestic manufacturers of every size."

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