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Sydney Electrical Appliance testing defines testing and tagging

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Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing explains and defines testing and tagging, and the ways in which companies can comply. Test and Tag is a risk minimisation strategy which is designed to keep workers and the public safe from common electrical hazards. Every day, employees handle numerous electrical appliances, often with no consideration at all as to whether the appliance is safe for use. Common examples of electrical appliances and equipment in workplaces include:

  • Computer and IT equipment
  • Hand dryers in bathrooms
  • Kettles and sandwich toasters
  • Vacuum cleaners and extension leads
  • Clothes irons
  • Power tools
Through day-to-day use, these appliances and cords can become worn or damaged, and this can lead to electrical hazards such as: exposed wiring, damaged insulation, damaged plug or cord, cord loose from appliance, cracked case, overheated appliance. Test and Tag is the process where trained technicians come to a workplace, and using visual inspections and electronic testing equipment (known as PATs or Portable Appliance Testers), each appliance or lead is checked for its safety, and the results are recorded in a computerised log book.
A “Test Tag” with the date and the name of the testing company is affixed to the cord of the appliance, and professionals will also add a barcode label, so that the equipment can be electronically tracked.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing (SEAT) has been providing test and tag services and equipment sales throughout NSW for several years. As a total solution provider, SEAT has a qualified staff ranging from appliance testing technicians, licensed electricians through to licensed telephone and internet / data cabling technicians, all available to meet the electrical and datacomms needs of your organisation.

Test and tag products supplied by Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing include:

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