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Vibration and Shock Absorbing products from GELTEC/TAICA, available from Switches Plus Components

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article image Alpha Gel, used for vibration isolation, shock absorption and thermal conductivity

Alpha Gel is one of TAICA Corporation's umbrella brand, collectively given to their silicone gel. AlphaGel's softness has established a position in vibration isolation, shock absorption, thermal conductivity, and comfortable feel in different ways to traditional solutions. Alpha Gel is available from Switches Plus Components .

An ordinary fresh raw egg dropped down from 18 meters high to a 2 cm thick Alpha Gel bed does not break. This shock absorbability and vibration damping capabilities have helped to meet with different shock absorbing requirements in sporting good and industrial markets globally over decades.

Alpha Gel absorbs micro-vibrations and low frequency vibrations not eliminated by other materials. It also absorbs light shocks. Furthermore, it is excellent in physical characteristics, high weather resistance and low temperature dependency. The optimum vibration damper and shock absorber is designed by adjusting delicate hardening and damping characteristics.


  • Catching a Falling Object - Alpha Gel's softness allows for deflection required to disperse energy without damaging a falling object. This provides cushioning and vibration damping performance.
  • Superior Durability - Alpha Gel is resistant to ozone, UV rays, and chemicals, making it possible to use in a variety of locations. In addition, performance is maintained even after repeated compression.
  • Stable Performance in a Harsh Environment - Alpha Gel's properties show little change in the - (minus) 40 degree C (104F) to 200 degree C (392F) range.
  • High SafetyAlpha Gel's composition causes none or limited allergies when touched, and emitting no harmful gases when burned.
  • Platform for Additional Functions and Performance. On top of the combination of features, Alpha Gel also works as a foundation for additional functions. Its softness and conformity help minimize heat resistance and stress on critical devices in electronics, for example.

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