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Geltec’s shock absorbing gel products available from Switches Plus Components

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Geltec's umbrella brand was collectively given to their patented multifunctional silicone-based material in the form of gel, intermediate state between solid and liquid.

Geltec was founded in 1988 to apply this technology and material into various applications.

As reported in BBC, it instantly became well-known to the world when it proved its outstanding shock absorbing capability in an experiment.

A raw egg stayed unbroken even when it dropped from 60 feet (18 meters) high onto one of Geltec's gel sheets, only 0.8 inch (2cm) thick.

Geltec’s first real-world application was found in athletic footwear and when inserted inside shoes, it has effectively minimised and softened the impact for over a decade. It also excels in damping low frequency vibrations, noise in particular, usually not eliminated by other materials such as rubber. That is why was, in fact, brought to space in the Space Shuttle.

While keeping good shock absorbing and vibration damping capabilities, also becomes an underlying base material for added functions such as thermal conductivity, optical transparency, etc.

Today Geltec has extended its range of applications from consumer to many industrial and medical applications.

Some of the applications include inside laptop and desktop PCs, cellular phones, camcorders, TVs (CRT, LCD, projection, plasma, etc.), optical pick-up components (CD, DVD), stepping motors, micro fans, semiconductor inspection machine, oxygen compressors etc.

Standard vibration damping/shock absorbing gel products features:

  • Good shock absorption and vibration/noise damping capabilities
  • Stable even under severe environment for a long time ~ space shuttle, airplane
  • Wide operating temperature:-40 to 392ºF (– 40 to 200ºC)
  • Low compression set (not much deformed over a long period of time)
  • Long-term durability
  • Friendly to the environment ~ silicone is safe and leaves nothing toxic when burned

Geltec's major product/service offerings:

Thermal conductive gels:


  • Customisable products: gel sheets, encapsulated pads, etc.
  • Standardised vibration dampers and shock absorbers: insulators, bushes, gel chips/tapes, foam gel
  • Thermal conductive materials: sheet-type and paste (grease) -type
  • Electro-magnetic absorption material: sheet-type and paste (grease)-type
  • DSP: a new generation textile with polyurethane-based projections
  • Mattress and cool pillows: mattress for lower-back discomfort and literally cool pillows

Besides standard offerings, Geltec also offers custom shaped products such as in die-cutting, moulds, etc. Two of the newly developed products include magnet gel and gel balls.

The wide range of Geltec’s products is available from Switches Plus Components.

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