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Floyd Bell’s Voice-Capable Alarms available from Switches Plus Components

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Sometimes a beep or whoop does not convey enough information to an operator of a machine. Floyd Bell, manufacturer of Audiolarm piezo electric buzzers, have solved this problem with a new line of quality digital audio alarms.

Switches Plus Components  provide the Announcer manufactured by Floyd Bell, which is a small and efficient device for playing pre-recorded voice and audio messages up to ten seconds at 95 dB. The Announcer is the same size as a standard piezo alarm.

The Announcerprovides the ability to replace an ambiguous beep with voice instructions or warnings. The Announcer can act as a direct replacement wherever standard piezo alarms are used. The Announcer will play a single message up to 10 seconds stored within memory upon the application of power a single time or continue repeat the message until power is removed.

Users can choose from the standard warning messages. They can, send their own file, or have Floyd Bell provide the production of the message at the in-house production studio. The Announcer series of alarms come standard with quick connect terminals, a special grill designed for maximum acoustic output, and voltage range to fit your application.

The following are the specifications of the Announcer:

  • Operating Mode: Play message or tone when power is applied
  • Operating Voltage: 5-15 VDC
  • Nominal Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Frequency Response: 500 Hz to 10KHz
  • Typical Operating Current: 250mA peak at 12Vdc
  • Typical Sound Pressure: 80±5 dB(A), at 5 VDC, at 24 inches (61 cm), at 25°C, 90±5 dB(A), at 15 VDC, at 24 inches (61 cm), at 25°C.
  • Termination: 2 .25” Quick Connect Blades
  • Termination Strength: Pull test with a maximum of 22 pounds (10 kg) load
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +65°C.
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C.
  • Surge Voltage: 20% over maximum rated voltage for less than 5 minutes
  • Reverse Voltage Protection: To the maximum operating voltage
  • Construction Materials: Case- Plastic “NORYL N-190”, Flame Retardant UL 94-VO, Black

Applications of the Announcer include:

  • Playing promotional messages during an in-store or trade show promotional display.
  • Adding safety an Announcer d awareness to vehicles or machines by replacing an ambiguous beep.
  • Broadcasting a message in public places such as shopping malls, museum information plaques, airports, building lobbies, casinos/gaming machines, restaurants, movie theatres, kiosks, gas station pumps, etc.
  • The applications for a self-contained playback device are limitless.

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