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Swire Cold Storage’s South Australian refrigerated transport operation for transport emergencies

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Swire Cold Storage ’s South Australian refrigerated transport operation has carved a name for itself as the team to call upon when a refrigerated transport emergency arises.

Through quick response to assistance requests outside of trading hours, the SA Transport team have built their reputation through diligence and professionalism, delivering, where others had failed. Frigmobile SA has become the preferred transport operator to call upon when an emergency arises, regardless of whether or not the company requiring the assistance is a Swire Cold Storage transport customer.

This success is due to a can-do attitude from management and staff, as well as a broad range of vehicles. The right person with the right vehicle somehow always seems to be found to meet any refrigerated transport emergency. With a typical response time of just two hours, it is a result that is difficult to beat.

According to the transport team SA, the common reasons for the team to be called upon to provide emergency deliveries or static storage are because of power outages, store refurbishments or errors in order transactions.

Over the years, there have been a few memorable and rather unusual jobs that the team has assisted with. During the Y2K hype, when all computers were supposed to crash, SA transport was asked to temporarily store medical samples and body parts. More recently, a request was made by a South Australian museum for the storage of historical artefacts, while the museum was being refurbished.

Due to the unrivalled flexibility and number of transport options on offer, the Swire Cold Storage SA Transport team caters to the unusual, difficult and desperate situations that customers face, not to mention their ability with regular temperature controlled transport services.

According to the transport team, the innovation that SA’s transport team has shown over the years is unbelievable. Together, they have created a niche for themselves in a highly stressful field, where customers are depending on them to deliver more than ever because of the nature of the situation. Dealing with emergency response work has shown how cohesively the different fleets and drivers can work together. They have not only performed well, but they made every job look so easy.

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