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RPC erector eliminates manual set-up

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RETURNABLE Plastic Container (RPC) setup is simplified by SWF’s ' CE 100P RPC erector. Able to run both full and half-size RPC style cases, the CE 100P runs at speeds up to 1200 cases an hour.

Widely used in the produce industry, the CE 100P can run various case depths with minimal changeover. Offering an automatic infeed system and a 26-inch maximum stack height, the CE 100P offers a compact footprint.

Other standard features include Allen Bradley components, plexiglass guarding and sensor for major side panel overlap detection.

Available options include a custom infeed system, capability to run half-size cases, Allen Bradley panel view 300 with alarm message screen for error detection and additional infeed conveyor sections.

Full line integration is also available upon request.

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