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Sweep up to 30 times faster with industrial brooms from SweepEx Australia

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SweepEx Australia is a specialist supplier of commercial, industrial and municipal cleaning equipment, including their own range of industrial brooms.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, SweepEx industrial brooms are capable of sweeping a wide range of debris and materials in the manufacturing, construction, mining, and agricultural industries and are mountable on forklifts, loader buckets, telehandlers, three-point hitches and skid-steer pivots.

Economical and practical with a powerful sweeping action in both forward and reverse, these industrial brooms come at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper and 20 to 30 times faster than sweeping with a broom.

These industrial brooms have no moving parts to break or wear out, making maintenance low and repairs unlikely. They are simple to clean with a hose or high pressure cleaner.

SweepEx Australia manufacture three models of their industrial broom, the ValuSweep for commercial applications, the Pro Broom for general duty industrial sweeping, and the Mega Broom for heavy duty sweeping jobs. For every 100mm of bristle length operators can expect to get up to 400km of sweeping and when they are worn out, bristles are very easy to replace. Bristles on the Pro and Mega industrial brooms are housed in a solid, one piece rolled steel frame with fully welded channels for maximum strength.

Optional extras for SweepEx industrial brooms include:

  • magnetic front bar for rapid removal of metallic debris
  • dust mop for fine dust control indoors (ValuSweep broom).

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