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KÄRCHER Australia has announced the launch of its new indoor range. The range includes seven new steam cleaners and four new wet and dry all purpose vacuum cleaners.

Kärcher indoor steamers save time, effort and money, all while protecting the environment. Steam is heated to 145°C, and penetrates fine cracks, and dislodges stubborn dirt without the need for harsh chemicals.

Steam is the most natural and hygienic way to clean efficiently. The new Kärcher steam cleaner range varies from a convenient hand-held model designed for quick cleanups to a larger mobile and powerful unit.

The hand-held SC 952 model heats up quickly and is ready to use in 15 seconds. All other Kärcher steamers take only six minutes to heat up and are ready to use straight away.

The SC 1402 model is unique in its class as it has an 1800W heater and two water tanks which allow continuous refilling at any time. This allows the SC 1402 to continuously produce steam for as long as the cleaning task takes.

Steam is so powerful and effective at removing dirt, that no chemicals are needed. This is an essential feature to keep a safe, chemical free environment. Steam cleaners save money, the environment and your health.

There are many accessories to go with the Kärcher steam cleaners, several of which come standard; from a variety of brushes, to a steam iron, all of which make cleaning effortless.

However, the most innovative accessory that Kärcher is introducing is the Textile Care Nozzle. Compatible with all the new Kärcher steamers, the Textile Care Nozzle freshens up clothes, and removes creases and lint simultaneously.

The Kärcher all purpose vacuums come in two sizes and two styles. The A2204 and A2254 are 18L capacity vacuums designed for moderate use around the home. The A2504 and A2554 are larger vacuums with a 25L capacity.

All the vacuums have a blowing function and can be used both inside the home and in DIY garages. All models come standard with 2 x 0.5m suction tubes, changeover wet and dry nozzle, crevice tool and paper filter bag.

The robust plastic container on the A2204 and A2504 are heavy duty and are designed to handle all conditions. The A2254 and A2554 models have a corrosion free metal container, which adds an element of elegance and a modern look to the vacuums.

Kärcher backs up these quality products with a standard two year warranty, which can be extendable to three years.

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