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Portable cold water high pressure cleaner

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CLEANING equipment manufacturer Karcher has announced a portable cold water high pressure cleaner which has been designed specifically to meet the needs of painters and builders.

It is relatively light (29kg), runs off a 230V ac power supply and is protected from damage on all sides by a sturdy tubular steel frame.

The maximum operating pressure is 1522psi at a water throughput of up to 10.8L/min. Its short spray lance (540mm) makes it particularly suitable for use on scaffolding and working platforms.

The high pressure cleaner is mounted inside the tubular steel frame on rubber buffers for high stability and low vibrations.

The powerful 3-piston axial pump features high-grade components, such as stainless steel pistons, brass cylinder head and stainless steel valves, which ensure a long service life and enhanced reliability.

The unit is equipped with a fine mesh filter to protect it against impurities in the intake water.

A pressure switch control enables the electric motor to be switched on and off via the trigger gun; this means it is no longer necessary to climb down from the working platform to switch off the cleaner.

The HD 600 is user-friendly in other respects.

The central cross member of the tubular steel frame can be used as a carrying handle.

A self-centring union makes connecting the high-pressure hose both simple and reliable. Pivot mounting of the hose prevents annoying twists.

The ergonomic shape of the trigger gun with its soft grip is designed for long periods of fatigue-free operation.

The pivoting spray lance can still be adjusted under full operating pressure, which is a particular benefit in cramped working conditions on scaffolding.

A triple nozzle is standard and can be changed from solid pencil jet to a fan jet at the flick of the wrist.

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