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Karcher re-establishes partnership with Team BOC

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By the Sunday afternoon of a race weekend, thoughts turn to a relaxing evening.

Having spent a part of the weekend on their feet preparing the two teams BOC BF Falcon’s for combat, you would forgive the crew for having these thoughts. In New Zealand however, Sunday night means only one thing, cleaning.

Prior to the V8 Supercar Army retreating to their hotel rooms for the night, all of the cars and freight need to be meticulously cleaned, ready for the trip home.

Not because they would like all of their gear nice and clean for when it arrives back into Australia, more so because non of the equipment can leave New Zealand with a speck of dust, due to the trans-tasman quarantine laws.

In the past for Team BOC, this has been a pain staking task, involving plenty of water and bags of rag. However, since Kärcher, one of the large manufacturers of cleaning equipment has sponsored Team BOC the job of cleaning is now a breeze.

“It used to be a real chore,” said Team Manager Kim Jones.

“Basically we used to have the whole team crawl all over both cars, in many cases using some fairly nasty chemicals, just to get the cars clean enough for the quarantine laws.”

“This year though, with the Kärcher high pressure water cleaners and Vacuum cleaners the task was a breeze.”

With much of Australia and parts on New Zealand experiencing a drought, anything to help the environment and reduce water use is a plus.

Karcher high pressure water cleaners use up to 80% less water than a conventional garden hose and given that Kärcher high pressure water cleaners can draw water straight from a bucket or water tank, they can be used in many areas of Australia during current water restrictions.

That said, they still apply up to 25 times more pressure than a garden hose to ensure a far more effective and efficient clean.

“Half the time, half the man power and twice the result: just perfect,” added Jones.

The partnership between Karcher and Team BOC is a strong and successful one between two experienced and respected organisations.

“Karcher are delighted to be part of Team BOC again in 2007,” said Kärcher Australia Managing Director, Cameron Mole.

“After discussing the time it was taking the team to clean up after each race, we were only too happy to help make life easier and to contribute towards their success.

We’re looking forward to being one factor that contributes to a great result both on and off the track,” Cameron said.

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