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article image Karcher’s new vacuum sweeper.

KARCHER has introduced the new and improved ICC 1 RAC vacuum sweeper, especially designed and engineered to meet Australian conditions.

The ICC 1 RAC introduces many benefits over the current ICC 1 DXL model, including as standard a hill climbing kit suitable for gradients up to 25% (DXL only 20% gradients), air conditioning factory fitted in Germany, reinforced doors for additional strength, windscreen washer and a lockable petrol tank.

Engineered enhancements include:

* Reinforced bumper bars.

* New brush arm brushes.

* New hydrostatic pump.

* New turbine clutch with higher torque rating.

* New door hinges.

* Roof mounted air conditioning unit.

* New hopper venting system.

* New radiator design.

* High torque wheel motors as standard.

One of the practical features of this machine is the crusher mechanism in the machine's intake. It compacts leaves, bottles, cans and packaging so that the sweepings are reduced to one third of their original volume.

The 550-litre waste container is therefore equivalent to a container with a capacity of 1.5m³ and is generally sufficient to accommodate the dirt of an 8-hour shift.

The full waste container is lifted and emptied hydraulically into any standard skip. This is a method that not only saves time, but is also hygienic because the operator does not come into contact with the sweepings.

The compact dimensions of the ICC 1 RAC allow the sweeper to be used on narrow footpaths, underground car parks and narrow roads.

The variable sweeping width of the two swivelling and floating side brushes extends to 140 cm so that most paths can be cleaned in a single pass.

With a maximum travel speed of 12 km/h, the ICC 1 RAC is roadworthy. It climbs gradients of 25% without difficulty, and kerbs do not represent a problem either.

The sweeper is powered by a Kubota three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine, which has a rated service life of about 5000 operating hours.

The ICC 1 RAC is designed for minimum maintenance in all other areas, too. All drives are hydraulic.

The fan is made of stainless steel, while the water tank and waste container are made of corrosion-free plastics. The design of the cabin allows the operator to have vision of the brushes and working area.

The ergonomic seat and adjustable steering provide the operator with easy control of the operating panel, while being protected from the weather, noise and exhaust fumes, creating a fatigue free and comfortable environment.

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