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Hot Water Pressure Cleaners facts number one from SweepEx Australia

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At Sweepex , we are often contacted by people who have purchased a pressure cleaner elsewhere, only to find that it is not doing the job.

Often the customer has purchased a small domestic grade cold water washer for use in an industrial application and simply needs to step up to a more robust industrial machine. Equally as often though, they have mistakenly purchased a cold water machine when a hot water pressure cleaner is needed.

Cold water pressure washers are great for washing off dirt, but if the surface is contaminated with oil or grease, they are inefficient and slow. It's like washing greasy barbecue plates in a sink of cold water. No matter how much soap you use, you never get a thorough clean. Use the Hot Water Pressure Cleaners, and you immediately cut through the grease and oil. 

The exact same thing happens in a pressure washer application. If oil or grease is present in any form, then a hot water pressure washer is the most efficient choice.

SWEEPEX AUSTRALIA stocks the complete range of Karcher Industrial Hot Water Pressure Cleaners and provides an obligation free assessment and demonstration for customers in the greater Sydney area.

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