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High pressure cleaners introduced by Kärcher

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Karcher Australia has introduced high pressure cleaners that help saving water and reduces wastage of water. Kärcher’s range of domestic high pressure cleaners have been accepted into the smart approved watermark scheme.

The smart approved watermark recognizes the excellence in water saving products. The key objectives of the smart approved watermark scheme is to assist in the reduction of per capita water consumption in the areas of outdoor water use via the labeling of appropriate water using and saving products and water related services and organizations.

As water restrictions continue to tighten, it is important that consumers can easily recognise products that will assist in water saving.

Kärcher is committed to the programme, and believes that the scheme is an ideal way to educate the public about water conservation and aid in purchases of machines that will save water.

Kärcher Australia has also worked in conjunction with save water to create material to promote the water saving benefits of Kärcher products.

Karcher high pressure cleaners use up to 80% less water than a standard garden hose, while applying up to 25 times more pressure to ensure a far more effective and efficient clean.
The high pressure cleaners need not be attached to a mains tap as they can draw water straight from a bucket or water tank.

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