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Swagelok offers Tubing and Tube Accessories that are chemically cleaned, sanitary and insulated. Custom fabrications and skid-mounted systems are also available in the range of tools and accessories for use with tubing.

Stainless Steel Tubing from Swagelok offer products in accordance with global specifications

  • Available in fractional, metric and imperial sizes
  • Chemically cleaned and passivated
  • Thermocouple-cleaned to meet standards and requirements
  • Ultrahigh-purity stainless steel tubing available
  • Marked to indicate size, material type, and heat code
  • Sanitary, medium-pressure, pre-coned, insulated, jacketed and pre-insulated bundled tubing and tube supports available

Swagelok Benders provide high-quality bends on fractional and metric tubing

  • Easy-to-use
  • Reduction of installation time
  • Reduces wrinkling and other damage to the tubing during bending

Swagelok Tube Supports and Tubing Hangers offer support to a range of pipe, tube and hose systems

  • Bolted plastic clamp supports
  • P clamp supports
  • Cushioned clamp tube supports
  • Tube support strips
  • Tubing hangers

Tube Facing tools, Tube Cutters and Preparation Tools are also offered by Swagelok to accommodate specific needs and requirements

  • Swagelok TC72 Series Tube Cutting Tool is designed to easily and accurately cut thin-walled stainless steel tubing and elbows to square and burr-free ends
  • Swagelok Tube Facing Tools are designed to machine flat, smooth, square, burr-free and, chamfer-free tube ends and Micro-Fit miniature tube butt weld fittings
  • Swagelok Tube Deburring Tools deburr stainless steel, steel and hard alloy tube ends
  • Swagelok Tube Cutters cut stainless steel, soft copper, and aluminium tubing
  • Swagelok Tube Sawing Guide holds tubing to enable fast, accurate cutting with a hacksaw with easy mounting
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