Swagelok Welding System for High-Quality Orbital Welding Applications

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Swagelok Welding System offers a cost effective and reliable solution to gas tungsten arc welds. With a variety of tools and accessories and a selection of weld heads, the Welding System from Swagelok is a lightweight and portable power supply.

The System components include:

  • Welding power supplies
  • Weld heads
  • Fixture blocks
  • Side plates
  • Plenum
  • Collets

Swagelok also offers an assortment of weld tools and accessories that assist in ensuring high-quality, uniform orbital welds, including:

  • Internal purge pressure kits
  • Stainless steel flux
  • Tungsten electrodes
  • Gauges
  • Collets and fixtures
  • Weld head extension cables
  • Remote pendant
  • Cooling plates

The entire range of Welding Systems, Tools and Accessories from Swagelok are easy-to-use with a touchscreen, colour display in multiple languages.

Other advantages of these products include:

  • Power supply for reliable, consistent orbital gas tungsten arc welding
  • Up to 200 A peak output capability
  • Integrated mass flow controller automatically controls OD shield gas flow
  • Weighs less than 50 lb or 23 kg
  • Compatible with Swagelok welding system weld heads 1/16” thru to 4”
  • Complimentary tube cutting and facing tools available
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07/08/08 - Swagelok has released a range of Variable Area Flowmeters. The Variable Area Flowmeters are used to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases by means of a tapered tube and float.
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13/01/06 - Fluid leakage costs industry millions of dollars every year by affecting product quality, polluting the environment and causing injuries.
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11/12/02 - SWAGELOK stainless steel industrial pressure gauges accurately monitor vacuum and positive system pressures up to 1000 bar (100MPa [15,000psi]). Available from Fluid System Technologies, the product line includes a broad selection of gauge models and options.

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