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The range of Valves from Swagelok offers a wide variety of end connections including gaugeable Swagelok tube fittings and material choices. Standard and special cleaning options are also available for high-purity and ultrahigh-purity service.

For environmental and heated-process applications with a large range of end connections, Swagelok Valves offer broad working pressure and temperature ranges

  • Process and Instrumentation Ball Valves can be manufactured of configured to the special needs of your applications
  • Bellows Valves for General and High-Purity Service are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and configurations to fill your needs for general and high-purity applications
  • Check Valves are adjustable and offer fixed cracking pressure to control back flow in a range of applications

The range of Process and Instrument Manifolds from Swagelok for process piping and instrumentation applications

  • Stainless steel, carbon steel and duplex stainless steel materials
  • PTFE packing offers system versatility
  • Compact assemblies – reduced size and weight
  • Minimized potential leak points
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Swagelok offers several Metering Valves for low and high-pressure service in stainless steel and brass materials.

Needle Valves, Shutoff and Regulating Valves from Swagelok control flow in general and severe service applications

  • Integral-bonnet and nonrotating-stem needle valves
  • Severe-service union-bonnet and instrumentation blowdown valves
  • Screwed-bonnet needle valves
  • General utility and forged-body needle valves
  • High-pressure needle valves
  • Compact gauge valves
  • Toggle valves
  • PFA needle valves
  • Compression valves for the sanitary industries

Swagelok offers Relief Valves and Proportional Relief Valves for general-industry applications and relief valves for use in the sanitary industries. We offer both high pressure relief valves and low pressure relief valves.

The Stream-Select Valves from Swagelok offer compact, space-saving solutions with modular construction that requires fewer tubing connections and features faster installation than conventional systems.

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07/08/08 - Swagelok has released a range of Variable Area Flowmeters. The Variable Area Flowmeters are used to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases by means of a tapered tube and float.

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