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Predesigned and preassemble subsystems from Swagelok are suitable for all types of plats and facilities where fluids are being processed. Swagelok Pre-Engineered Systems create fully documented fluid sampling and control systems and, bring consistency to your operations.

Easy to install and operate, Swagelok Pre-Engineered Systems offer high quality and support to all industrial plants and facilities

  • Configured-to-order
  • Ease of procurement
  • Standard training for use of system is easy and simple to understand
  • Installation and maintenance documentation is standardized
  • Low maintenance
  • Field-tested design ensures optimum system performance

Swagelok Calibration and Switching Modules are high configurable units

  • Built with Swagelok MPC products
  • Performs final conditioning of sample before analysis
  • Select from up to 10 sample and 2 calibration systems

Fast Loop Modules from Swagelok are designed for handling long transport lines from tap to analyser. The Fast Loops Modules feature minimum pressure drop for fast and effective response time and interlocking handles that help prevent incorrect sequence of operation.

Field Station Modules from Swagelok precondition gas samples at the extraction point

  • Highly configurable to match process conditions
  • Can mount directly to process nozzles

Swagelok Fluid Distribution Headers have versatile manifolds for gas and liquid applications

  • Feature Swagelok components for reliability
  • Fluid distribution headers can be connected inline to create longer lengths

Swagelok offers a wide range of Sample Probe Modules that are suitable for various applications. The probe interlocks protect equipment while the valve interlocks improve safety of operation.

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07/08/08 - Swagelok has released a range of Variable Area Flowmeters. The Variable Area Flowmeters are used to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases by means of a tapered tube and float.

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