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Serial powered TCF-90 media converter

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article image TCF-90 media converter.

SUPPLIED Solutions and MOXA Technologies have introduced the TCF-90.

This unit is a compact, high-speed RS232 to fibre optic converter that extends RS232 transmission from 15m to 5km (TCF-90-M, multi-mode) or 40km (TCF-90-S, single-mode), without using external power.

The TCF-90 is designed to get power from the attached serial port. A pair of TCF-90 converters can be used to connect two RS232 self-powered or selectable external power source. serial devices to each other in full duplex transmission mode using optical fibre.

Moreover, the TCF-90 isolates the devices from dangerous increases in ground potential, ground loops, and electrical EMI/RFI noise.

This greatly reduces RF radiation and susceptibility to electromagnetic radiation, and enhances data security.

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