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Supo Castors is a newly established and steady growth company that specialises in selling high quality wheels, castors and hand trolleys.

Wheels and Castors
Supo Castors supplies a wide range of wheels and castors to suit for different customers’ needs:

  • 03 Series – A popular series in the mid-light range, with castors to suit most applications, environments and surfaces.
  • 05 series – Mid-heavy range is a perfect match for warehouse, manufacture, workshop, medical etc.
  • 07 series – Heavy duty series is suitable for a wide range of applications where carrying capacity is a factor.
  • 08 series – These stylish looking light duty castors are suitable for most commercial and domestic furniture and fixtures.
  • 09 series – Whether you’re moving delicate instruments or jet engines throughout a plant, these shock absorbing castor is your best option for high quality and the most dependable castors.
Hand Trolleys
Supo Castors have developed a new range of trolleys that consist of:

  • Plastic fold down handle platform trolley
  • Plastic Multi-shelf  trolley
  • Plastic joinable platform  trolley
  • Wire mesh trolley
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