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Chiller Preventative Maintenance – looking after a business by caring for the chiller

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According to Matsu Chilling Systems , Purchasing a water or air cooled chiller for your business is a big investment, one that will potentially save companies time and money through increasing the reliability and operating times that machines and processes can run. However, once the chiller is purchased and commissioned, how a business you make sure that down time due to maintenance is kept to a minimum and that its chiller continues to operate reliably?  

Preventative maintenance means that services are pre-planned and carried out to ensure that problems that can be prevented don’t occur. There are five main reasons that preventative maintenance makes sense for every business that uses a chiller:  

  1. Machinery life can be increased. By regularly maintaining chiller machines, electrics, gas, keeping condensers clean and maintaining lubricant levels, the useful life of your chiller can be increased, creating a greater return on investment.
  2. Peace of mind. Regular chiller and plant service equals greater reliability, and there is the security of knowing that a 24 hour chiller service is also available.
  3. Quality assurance. More reliable chillers relates directly to quality assurance; for manufacturing companies chillers that don’t break down means that plant production is consistent with no variations in product quality. For service companies, disruption to normal services due to plant failure is virtually eliminated.
  4. Production planning. Plant downtime can be planned to occur during quieter times or chiller services can be scheduled during plant outages, reducing the risk of losing essential chiller capacity at an unknown time.
  5. Planned capital expenditure. By knowing when machinery is close to the end of its useful life, purchases can be planned and budgeted for.    
In addition to this, check that the chiller manufacturer or supplier has a 24 hour emergency breakdown service available when making a purchasing decision. If a chiller does breakdown or have an unexpected problem, having an emergency breakdown service available means that the business can be up and running again in the quickest possible time.  

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