The Hansen P4 Gearbox from Sumitomo for a Durable Power Transmission System


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Sunitomo Drive Technologies design and manufacture durable power transmission systems. The Hansen P4 Gearbox is versatile and suitable for a range of applications available in 19 different sizes and torque ranges.

The Hansen P4 Gearbox is manufactured with rigid standardised pinion shafts and housings with mounting pads for motor base on the top of the unit

  • Specific housings for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Standard higher bearing span for vertical applications
  • Standard fixation points for easy mounting of accessories on the side of the gearbox
  • Rounded external design ensures a smooth surface without dirt or moisture retaining cavities
  • Internal construction ensures oil supply to all bearings on first oil fill

Option of a solid or hollow low speed shaft and parallel or right-angle shaft arrangement to cater for specific industrial requirements is also available for the Hansen P4 Gearbox.

Available with two, three or four-gear stages and reduction ratios between 6.3 and 630

  • Optimised gear tooth profile
  • Low noise during operation
  • Torque range of 6kNm to 1100 kNm
  • Power rating of up to 7,500kW
  • Horizontal split housing for easy maintenance
  • Strong overall lifting lugs for easy handling

Sunitomo Drive Technologies offer global standardisation, availability and support to provide solutions for all applications, regardless of specific requirements.

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