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Sumitomo double enveloping single worm gear reducers

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The Sumitomo single worm reducers, aptly named Hedcon are double enveloping and they boast an impressive number of worm teeth.

In 1981 the Hedcon single worm reducers won the Award from the Society of Mechanical Engineers.

By virtue of their high number of worm teeth, these single worm reducers can deliver an extremely high level of force.

This ensures they are high performing at all times. The Hedcon features gear sets that are double worm enveloping, a feature that increases tooth contact and enable the worm reducers to withstand a heavier load.  

Other features include:

  • High worm shaft rigidity
  • Large sliding angle for high efficiency
  • Silent and smooth performance
  • Wide range of reduction ratios
  • Compact and lightweight designs
  • High ratings and large load capacities

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