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UTG 7R and 9R belts for tube polishing available from Suhner (Australia)

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article image Nylon surface conditioning belts for tube polishing

Tube polishing is considered difficult as it can be easy to create ‘flat spots’. Tube polishing is made easy by polishing around the tube with a continuous belt. Suhner (Australia) have a range of belts enabling the grinding down and blending, right through to mirror polishing of stainless steel.

Finishing aluminium with the blending of welds can also be achieved with Suhner nylon surface conditioning belts on the Suhner UTG or UTC tube polishing tools.

Suhner UTG 9R belts wrap around tube diameters of up to 71mm and can be used for large diameters. Suhner (Australia) stock a range of Zirconia, 237AA, nylon and specialist belts to suit the round tube polisher. Suhner UTG 9R belts weigh 3Kg, have a 1050W motor and digitally controlled variable speed from 4000 to 9000 Rpm

Suhner UTC 7R belts wrap around tubes up to 48mm diameter and can be used on large diameters. Suhner (Australia) stock the same range of belts as for UTG to meet polishing and grinding needs of round tube in steel, aluminium and stainless steel. UTC belts weigh 2.4Kg and have variable speed from 3000 to 7000 Rpm. These tube polishers can reduce the number of steps and time, in blending and polishing the round tube.

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