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Suhner’s metal maintenance range of tools and cleansing agents

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Suhner (Australia) has launched a new range of tools and cleansing agents for easy and effective maintenance of metals. The range includes four portable metal maintenance tools as well as the Suhner INOX cleansing agents.

Suhner Metal Maintenance Tools

Designed to fix and restore damaged stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and other metals, the Suhner metal maintenance tools are battery operated to provide complete portability. Being cord-free, these tools can be easily used to access metals located on building sites, shopping centres, process plants, facilities and public spaces.

Some of the advantages of Suhner’s metal maintenance tools include high performance lithium ion battery power allowing long running time; batteries with very low self-discharge and zero memory effect; compact and lightweight design (2.0-2.4kg) allowing users to cut, grind, polish and restore metal on rails, balustrades, building facades, food counters, lift doors and downpipes among others without experiencing fatigue; and high power output ensuring fast, efficient work and quality outcomes.

The Suhner metal maintenance series includes a tube polisher, a fillet weld grinder, a particularly slender belt grinder with contact arm, and a straight grinder.

Tube Polisher ATC 7

Ideal for polishing tubes such as stainless and aluminium balustrades up to 48mm in diameter, the ATC 7 tube polisher features a large wraparound angle of up to 180° ensuring fast, efficient work and perfect manoeuvrability in tight elbows. Low contact pressure is used for the wraparound and material can be removed to a very fine degree, leading to an excellent finish.

Battery Fillet Weld Grinder AKC 3

The battery fillet weld grinder AKC 3 has been developed specifically for cleaning and polishing in constrained spaces. While its reduction gears make it an extremely powerful tool, features such as a compact design, long neck (140mm), and ultra small angled head (45mm) make it ideal for work on fillet welds and in tight places.

Battery Belt Grinder ABC 7

Designed for work on metals in difficult-to­-access places, the grinding and polishing belts can be changed in seconds so users can get through more work quickly. The standard equipment includes a universal contact arm that can be used with belts 3, 6, and 12mm wide. For the greatest possible flexibility, there are six different contact arms available for belts 3–19 mm wide. The ABC 7 works at 7,000 rpm, making it a powerful lightweight tool.

Battery Straight Grinder ASC 9

A universal machine ideal for work with nonwoven brushes and flap wheels on flat areas, the ASC 9 helps remove tarnish from metals including marks found on balustrade piers, stair edges and stainless lift doors. It also lets users blend into matte surfaces such as on square tubes.

Suhner INOX Cleansing Agents

Suhner’s new range of cleansing agents cleans, polishes and protects metals. The eco-friendly INOX agents are made from plant derivatives and are free of harmful chemicals. They can be safely used in public places without posing a threat to humans or the environment. Plus, the INOX cleaning range is very effective against even the most aggressive deposits of contamination on metals.

Applied quickly by hand, the NSF approved Suhner INOX agents clean and polish metals easily with the fast-acting plant-based ingredients removing aggressive deposits in metal pores, ‘tea-stains’, streaks and finger-marks. The range includes INOX Sun Clean, Sun Protect and Sun Polish.

Sun Clean

Suhner’s INOX Sun Clean removes rust and deposits from stainless steel, aluminium, copper and mild steel. The deep cleaner is very effective in quickly and easily removing dirt without damaging the oxide film on the metal.

Sun Protect

A neutral and mild agent that washes away all residues, INOX Sun Protect protects all metals against corrosion and contamination by creating a barrier. It works by forming a protective film of nano particles to promote the exchange of oxygen needed to build an oxide layer. When used regularly, the agent helps to eliminate corrosion even in environments with aggressive ambient air.

Sun Polish

INOX Sun Polish has been created specifically to clean matt surfaces. Suitable for stainless steel, nickel, copper, bronze, chromium and aluminium, it brings the lustre back to metal quickly and easily.

Being NSF certified, all three agents can be used to clean machines involved in producing both food and pharmaceuticals. The comprehensive range is well priced, very easy to use and highly effective, helping cut down on maintenance costs.

For more information on the Suhner Metal Maintenance Tools and the INOX range, please call Suhner Australia on (02) 9648 5888 or visit www.suhner.com.au.

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