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Rotomax 1.5 stainless, aluminium and steel polishing machine from Suhner

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Suhner  Rotomax 1.5 is a stainless, aluminium and steel polishing machine available with a 50% government tax rebate on capital purchases. If customers are in the business of metal polishing, stone polishing, concrete polishing or glass polishing the cost effective equipment available is the Suhner Rotomax 1.5 flexible drive system.

There has never been a better time to buy with potential tax rebates of 50% on substantial capital equipment purchases. The concept of Suhner Rotomax stainless, aluminium and steel polishing machine is to separate the drive unit and the tool holder to give the user a powerful drive without having to hold a heavy tool. This is in addition to almost no machine noise and a high torque.

The lightweight tool holders make for delicate and fatigue-free work wherever high power levels are needed, even in locations with restricted accessibility. The output features on-off control and infinite speed regulation delivering the right speeds for a wide variety of material finishing applications such as glass, stainless steel, aluminium, stone, concrete.

Stone/concrete polishing and glass finishing where water is sometimes needed as a coolant are a suitable application for Rotomax with infinite speed control, electric motor well away from the work piece, light weight polishing heads. A keypad on top of the housing makes selecting the desired speed shown in a display, both quick and easy. Electronic speed regulation is implemented here. Available at the output, are speeds from 500rpm to 15,000rpm in 100rpm steps. The electronics regulate gentle starting and, engaging the built-in brakes, achieve a very short braking time.

Rotomax stainless, aluminium and steel polishing machine can be supplied as a hanging model, suitable for wet environments such as stone polishing, glass polishing or concrete polishing or where the user wishes to keep the shaft above the work on the basic stand, which can be mounted as and where the user desires, or on a specially designed stable trolley for portability around the work shop.

Another great feature of Suhner Flexible drive polishing systems is the ability to change tool holders quickly and efficiently to enable any type of polishing to be done with the one machine. So now the government wants customers to invest and they can receive up to 50% of the value of this equipment back in the form of a Tax Rebate.

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