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MH201 dual spindles, MH301 and MH311 triple spindles and MH421 quad spindles available from Suhner (Australia)

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Suhner (Australia)  design, manufacture and supply a range of fixed and adjustable multi-spindle heads under the “Polydrill” brand. These multi-spindle heads are designed for low cost multi-hole drilling applications to suit a variety of industries from small general engineering operations to high volume production lines.

Suhner (Australia) multi-spindle heads are a fast and effective way of decreasing product cycle times, labour costs and increasing product quality. Multi-spindle heads eliminate the bottle necks associated with drilling multiple holes in a single work piece.

The Suhner (Australia) “Polydrill” range of standard adjustable multi-spindle heads includes the MH201 dual spindle, MH301 and MH311 triple spindle and the MH421 quad spindle units. Depending on the unit, a spindle centre line range of 9 to 155mm is possible, making these units suitable for low volume production runs.

The easy to use spindle adjustment system means that product set-up time is kept to a minimum, reducing machine down time between product runs.

Suhner (Australia) provide a range of fixed multi-spindle heads, in two standards configurations for those seeking a specialised drilling/tapping solution.

The “MHF series” fixed multi-spindle heads have a standard oil filled body with a maximum tool capacity of 25mm. The MHF series can be configured with anything for 4 to 10 spindles in a pattern to suit the customer specific requirements.

Where space is a premium, the “MHFP series” is a low profile multi-spindle head. The head has a maximum tool capacity of 20mm and a tapping capacity of M18. This style of head can be configured with up to 25 spindles in a pattern to suit the requirements of the customer.

Suhner (Australia) multi-spindle heads come with a mounting flange. This means that with the use of a simple adapter, they can be easily installed on drilling units including press drills, electric motors or one of Suhner (Australia) electric/pneumatic drilling spindle drive units.

All units are designed and manufactured by Suhner (Australia) to maximum precision to ensure maximum spindle life and tool life. There are a range of tool holder options including quick change tool holders and length compensation for tapping.

The standard MH range of multi-spindle heads are oil filled. Mist spray lubrication is available for high speed application as well as spindle coolant for CNC installation. Suhner (Australia) can also custom design and manufacture multi-spindle heads that can meet the requirements of the customers, if the standard range of Suhner (Australia) multi-spindle heads are not suitable for their specific applications.

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