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Schunk releases new TENDOturn hydraulic toolholders

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Schunk has released new TENDOturn hydraulic toolholders to significantly improve lathe tooling performance by up to 300%.

For many turning applications, solving problems caused by vibration or "chatter" can be the biggest challenge. Vibration can adversely affect tool life and workpiece surface quality.  The hydraulic expansion technology used in TENDOturn significantly increases the vibration dampening effect of the toolholders. 

Improvements in tool life and surface quality of 300 % are not rare when TENDOturn is used.
All three versions of TENDOturn include an axial length adjustment screw for easy tool length setting and any type of shank can be clamped safely, even Weldon and Whistle-Notch style holders.

The TENDOturn range includes:
TENDOturn with VDI interface
For direct clamping in the turret and available in sizes VDI-25, VDI-30 and VDI-40 these units offer internal coolant supply and have axial length adjustment.
TENDOturn with Lathe clamping insert DKE
For clamping on any common VDI Weldon style holders.
TENDOturn double-clamping insert DSE
Modular application for driven tools for high performance on existing machine tools.  The self-centering characteristic of the double-clamping insert results in uniform inner/outer clamping.

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