Nelweld® Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines from Studco

by Studco

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Studco are the Australian distributors of Nelweld®  drawn arc stud welding machines.

High performance, user friendly stud welders
  • Simple to use push button operator interface allows the operator to enter weld parameters for different studs and application conditions
  • Pre-set and save up to 6 different welding application conditions
  • Regulated current control ensures correct weld energy is delivered to the weld
  • Innovative and patended gun circuirtry 
  • Energy efficient inverters help save operating costs and the environment
Modular design stud welding unit to meet changing conditions
Nelweld's modular design means customers canselect the right amount of features and benefits for their specific needs.
  • Built in diagnostics continually self monitor to assist with determining and correcting any issues
  • Functional handles for easy moving of the unit
  • Resettable weld counter to keep track of the number of welds in a production period, as well as the system's life time welds
  • 3 phase AC current for smoother, more stable weld arc
Stud welders for a wide range of applications
For use in:
  • Mining and industrial sector
  • Ship building
  • Bridge building
  • Construction
All Nelweld® stud welding machines come with an unprecedented 2 year, or 1,000,000 welds warranty, whichever comes first.

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Question: 24/01/14 - The Nelweld4000 and 6000 machines have an maximum input current of up to 100 amps.Given that 100 amp outlets are so rare, we often set them up with a ... read more

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