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Objet500 Connex3™ 3D Printers – Product Development and Production Powerhouse

The Objet500 Connex3™ is the world’s most versatile multi-material 3D printer which fast tracks products through both the development and the production. Based on PolyJet™ 3D Printing technology, this system offers the following benefits:

  • Amazing surface smoothness
  • Ultra-fine details
  • Widest range of material properties
  • Eliminates operations such as assembly and painting without compromising speed
  • Colours
    • Deep Vibrant Colours
    • Repeatable Colours
    • Colours Throughout
    • Translucent Colours
    • Colour Rubber-like

Objet500 Connex3with triple-jetting technology gives you:

  • Great throughput for tooling and prototypes
  • Hundreds of two- and three-component Digital Material options
  • 14 base material options
  • Up to 82 material properties in a single build
  • Material hot-swapping for efficient workflow
  • Large build-tray size

Hundreds of Digital Materials

Digital ABS in the Mix: For tough, ergonomic tooling, only the Objet500 Connex3 lets you blend the strongest PolyJet photopolymer, Digital ABS, with Rubber-like Material to produce a range of Shore A values with great durability.

High Temperature: This material is ideal for tooling and fixtures that require higher heat. Blend with Rubber-like material to achieve a range of Shore A values and thermal properties.

Bio-compatible: Medical materials offer excellent visualization and great dimensional stability for dental delivery trays, surgical orthopedic guides and hearing aids.

Rubber-like: An adaptable material range of bright and subtle colors, opacities and elastomer characteristics, it is ideal for a variety of tools and prototypes.

Simulated Polypropylene: Tough single-material options withstand the stress of living hinges, flexible closures and snap-fit parts. Combine with Rubber-like material for a range of grayscale shades and Shore A hardness values.

Connex3™ is ideal for:

  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Multi-scale, multi material prototypes
  • Display models for exhibitions
  • Graphics and packaging design
  • Sales and Marketing models
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