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Storpac Storage Solutions’ caretaker safeguards trucks from graffiti vandals

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On the first night when the caretaker from Storpac Storage Solutions moved into the storage centre, he noticed activity on the other side of the fence near the O Bahn, a purpose built concrete track for buses in North East Adelaide. Graffiti vandals had been active in the area recently and had been trying to target trucks so they had moving billboards for their work.

According to Liz Davies, CEO, Storpac Storage Solutions, in these times especially it was heartbreaking to see small business owners of the vehicles, who maybe facing tough times, hit with the extra costs of cleaning up the graffiti. And they do not think that the people responsible for the graffiti realise the anxiety they have caused. The small business operators need to have clean trucks to get jobs and while their truck is off the road they are earning nothing.

The caretaker, from Storpac Storage Solutions, is on the alert. More than once, he has shone his security warden’s torch and has seen people run in the other direction. The other night after he called the police a suspect was apprehended near the O Bahn bridge with traces of paint from graffiti spraying on their hands. The police responded within a few minutes and it is a credit to the hardworking police force.

The caretaker from Storpac Storage Solutions has been helping to make the Holden Hill/Modbury area a safer place for their customers as well as the local residents.

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